Monday, September 3, 2012

GRE Study Reveals How We're Worked Into a Frenzy

It's official: when it comes to GRE test takers, they're a nation of stressheads.

A recent survey conducted by a herbal remedy brand revealed that of 2,372 GRE test takers, 99% claimed that they felt stressed about their GRE preparation at least once per day. The study also concluded that of these anxiety sufferers, 35% have missed at least one day's work of work or school due to stress over GRE study.

But for the rest of students preparing to realize their graduate school dreams, this isn't really news at all. In fact, it's a part of everyday life when it comes to GRE practice.

Let's face it: a small amount of stress is expected in any GRE practice schedule. Heck, sometimes it's even good for you! But what is this stress and anxiety doing to our health...

...And what steps can we take to stop it?

Under GRE Study Pressure

Many GRE test takers simply assume that GRE study pressure is part and parcel of the whole experience. After all, it's not like these highly talented students are unused to stress. And let's not forget what life will be like once you've made it into grad school.

Talk about stressed out!

But there's a flaw in this type of logic - and this flaw can really drag down your grad school dreams. You see, our college grades and GPA are determined by multiple tests, papers and presentations. In this respect, if we ever get stressed out and our score suffers as a result, we have multiple opportunities to make up for it.

But not with the GRE test. In fact, you've got one shot to prove that you've got the goods to succeed in graduate school. And if you fail, that's it.

Game over.

Fighting Back Against GRE Practice Anxiety

So what can you do to stay in tip-top shape? Take a look at these expert tips and techniques, and reclaim your GRE preparation once and for all!

• You've heard it all before: but if you want to fight back against high-pressure GRE test preparation, then you need to fine-tune your diet. Many foods can make our bodies feel as though we're in a state of high-stress. Nuts and seeds, however, have a positive impact on blood sugar levels, energy and mood, leading to decreased stress levels.
• Plenty of health experts have celebrated the physical activity as the best way to beat stress at its own game. However, there's a different between regular exercise and the kind that has been proven to significantly reduce stress levels. Don't go for high-impact workouts, as these can exacerbate stress levels. Instead, try yoga or meditation as a more productive method for reducing testing anxiety.

Remember, staying healthy and reducing your stress and anxiety levels is just as important to your GRE preparation as constant study and emotional preparation.


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