Thursday, September 13, 2012

Where Do Radiology School Graduates Work?

Where do radiology school graduates work? This is a good question to ask if you are thinking about going into this profession. The fact is that radiology school graduates can get jobs as radiologic technologists and technicians at a number of different medical settings, and employment for this profession is growing faster than average.

There were about 214,700 radiologic technologist jobs in 2008, 61 percent of which were in hospitals. The other jobs were in physicians' offices, medical and diagnostic laboratories and outpatient care facilities. There are even more jobs today, and the job opportunities are expected to continue growing. If you have knowledge of several diagnostic imaging procedures you will have the best chances of finding high paying work in a variety of different locations.

Radiology schools range from training programs in hospitals to traditional courses at colleges and universities. You can choose to get a certificate, associate's degree or bachelor's degree depending on how long you want to stay in school. You will have more job opportunities and a higher rate of pay if you get a higher level of education, though, so this should definitely factor into your decision. After you finish your education, you may also need to become licensed before you can begin working in the field, depending on which state you live in.

If you choose to start a career as a radiologic technologist or technician, you will be responsible for performing diagnostic imaging exams on patients. The main difference between these two jobs is that radiologic technicians mostly use x-ray machines while radiologic technologists use many technologies such as computed magnetic resonance imaging, mammography and tomography. Both jobs will require you to work closely with doctors and follow their instructions precisely for your safety and the safety of your patients.

Your main duties as a radiologic technician will be to prepare patients and administer examinations, although you may also have job duties such as keeping records and maintaining the equipment depending on where you work. As a radiologic technologist you will be responsible for performing more complex procedures, and you will probably earn a higher salary.

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